Clint's Top 10 moments from the West Side Story score

West Side Story has long been one of my favorite musical theatre scores. With music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, the piece bursts with musical riches – specifically Bernstein’s creative use of rhythm and harmony. The infectious and powerful Latin rhythms that fill the score with energy are matched by the often angular and dissonant harmonies, particularly those derived from the tritone interval (famously opening the melodies of both “Maria” and “Cool”). Here are my Top Ten favorite moments from the West Side Story Score:

1. Prologue

2. The Dance At The Gym (The Blues & Cha-Cha)

3. Maria

4. The Balcony Scene

5. America

6. Cool

7. The Quintet

8. Somewhere

9. Officer Krupke

10. I Have A Love